About Our Business

We exist to match individuals, families and businesses with quality health care plans tailored just for
their unique needs.  We do this by maintaining close relationships with the major carriers of health
insurance and through continuing education, so we are experts on the changes in health care
plans and how they
affect our clients.

Founded over 13 years ago as Sammis Insurance, the Health Insurance Place has enjoyed steady
growth and
is now established as a team of experts in providing customized health care plans.  
Beyond just providing quality insurance, we have made o
ur reputation based on our  
service-oriented mindset.
We are always available to answer questions and clarify the
ften-confusing changes in health care.

We are located at 1826 Williams Highway in Grants Pass, Oregon.
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Health Insurance Place
of Oregon
Specialists in Helping Individuals, Families, and Businesses select Quality Health Care Plans