We don't fit you to a plan; we find a plan to fit you!
Shopping for health insurance can be a confusing and frustrating experience.  Which plan best suits your needs?  
Which companies work with your doctors?  What deductibles work with your budget?

At the Health Insurance Place, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with these questions.  We are
experts in understanding the various health plans offered in Oregon and can provide you with the information you
need.  We use our expertise to help you find the right plan with the best health coverage at the lowest cost.
We offer the following types of health insurance:
Individual & Family
We have a tremendous selection of individual health
insurance plans for you, your family and your children.  
Let us do the work of finding the right plan by providing
you with a competitive quote
Group Health / Employee Benefits
Find the right plan for your business or group.  Our
staff can provide you with quotes and information.
Medicare Supplement Choices
Let us help you make informed decisions
on your Medicare Supplement.  Our
quotes will give you a variety of options,
and allow you to choose the one best
suited for your needs.
Short Term Medical
Short Term Medical Insurance is generally available for
30 days to 6 months and is a great choice if you are
between jobs, waiting for group coverage or coming off

a parent's plan.
Student Health Insurance
If you are looking for low-cost health coverage while
attending school, then Student Health Insurance may be
the option for you.  Let us give you a quote.
Health Insurance Place
of Oregon
Specialists in Helping Individuals, Families, and Businesses select Quality Health Care Plans
Dental plans for individuals, families, and groups.  
Comprehensive benefits with the freedom to choose
dentist that's right for you!
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